5 Amazing Minecraft Minigames To Play With Friends

There is nothing more fun than laying games with your friends, whether it’s indoor games or outdoor, or whether it’s offline games or online. But during this pandemic, we all are restricted from visiting our friend’s place. So the only way to enjoy games and have fun with your playmates is to play games online.

However, there are thousands of options available to play games online. But mine crafting has its charm. You can play this game with as many single players or multiplayer as you want.

Here we come up with the five topmost excellent Minecraft x ay mod to be played with your friends. 

Draw my thing

You can play skribbl.io and Pictionary; both are equivalent to the Minecraft version. In this game, one player is randomly chosen to put at the front; they draw the prompt picture given to them. Another player must guess the picture before the time runs out.

There is total fun in spamming the chat with illogical guesses about the prompt picture given to the player. 

Build battle

Build battle is quite similar to draw my thing. But there is little difference; instead of one player creating the prompt image for the other one to make guesses, in this game, every player has something to build according to one prompt given to all players.

The most exciting part is that everyone builds something different and unique based on one prompt. When the time limit ends, each player will see another player’s creation and judge his or her design based on how close it resembles the prompt.

Sky block

Sky block minigame is something different from the survival in regular Minecraft x ay mod. You can try this to experience a new adventure by surviving in the sky with a tree and chest of items along with you.

This minigame can be played on public servers such as Mox MC or Hypixel. It can also be played privately with friends on a downloaded map.

Death run 

Death run is one of the most exciting games played by three or more players at a time. In this game, one player is chosen to become the grim reaper it means he has to set off the trap throughout the game course while other players have to go through the parkour courses. 

If you are looking to play this game with your group, you can download a minigame adventure map; this allows only those to join who have multiplayer code. 

Otherwise, you can play this Minecraft x ay mod on public servers like a hive, mineplex, and many others.

Survival games

Survival games provide you with a platform where you come to join your buddies as tributes were all fighting to the death. All the survival games spawn players for a circle around a heap of items, and when the countdown begins, they are allowed to run and choose the items necessary for their lives. 

These items are placed at the center of the map, and some are hidden chests scattered throughout the arena. Team up with your partners efficiently and find how easy it would be to allocate resources in Minecraft. There is a brunch of public servers to play Minecraft survival games such as JartexNetwork, MC Central, Hypixel, and many others. 

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