4 Easy Ways for the Inexperienced Marketer to Make Money Online

We hear of many people online who claim they have plans in which anyone can make money online regardless of experience or knowledge with Profit Accumulator. It is hard to determine what works and what doesn’t in the online world. There are many scams but also a few things that actually work.

If I was in a pure money crunch I would start listing things I had laying around the house on Craigslist and eBay. Most people have at least $1,000 worth of “junk” laying your house collecting dust that would be worth a great deal of money to someone else. List those items and see where it takes you. My guess would be you will make more than $1,000. How am I qualified to give this information? I’ve actually done this myself.

Another option one can take to make money while still being at home is by trying to take online surveys. My experience tells me that the income claims made on most of those websites are not very accurate. However, I’ve made around $100 to $200 a week taking surveys. Nothing spectacular, but it helps me to work at home and pay a few bills.

Another viable option is becoming a freelancer online. There are many marketers looking for people to help them out online. You could do things like writing articles, or proofreading written materials, or even typing for people. Simply look around the internet for freelance jobs, and you will surprise yourself how much money is out there for the taking.

Another easy option is to become an affiliate for a product or company. Once you do, you can market it by writing articles or placing free ads online with an affiliate link inside of your offers. This can become very lucrative if done right.

I’ve talked quite a bit about what works, now I have to mention what doesn’t work. I would be very leery about buying into any business in which you are competing against many other people selling the exact same thing online. Many online businesses are like that, where you’re the biggest competitor is actually the very same people who are supposed to be helping you. This makes for a very poor situation for the downline in these companies.

Also, be very careful of sending a significant amount of money to any of the MLM companies unless you have thoroughly researched them out. I have not found any of them to be profitable at all.

So, in conclusion, if you need to make money online I would recommend selling your “junk” from around the house on Craigslist and eBay. Also at least one of the following three: online surveys, freelancing, or taking surveys.

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