3 tips that will help you in beating a Minecraft Pillager raid

Facing the pillager raids is one of the most challenging things of the Minecraft game. The pillagers are so much dangerous, and it is hard to save yourself from them. Even the skilled players back off sometimes because of the pillagers. You need to prepare a lot for surviving this raid, and after that, there is no confirmation of surviving. This means it is more dependent on your fortune rather than your skills and preparation. In your preparation, you should add some essential tips that will help you protect yourself and survive for a more extended period of time in the pillager raid. You can get these tips at Minecraft alt shops which are based online, and you can get them at your home itself.

You have to collect arrows with you while you are facing the raid. This is because these arrows are so much powerful, and they can kill the pillagers if you have a good aim at them. You can kill them from a good range by using the arrows. Along with the arrows, you need some armors and weapons, which will be helpful in killing them in just one shot. You should have enough equipments with yourself to build traps for the pillagers so that it will become convenient for you to kill them. Let’s discuss some more things about these tips. 

  • A huge number of arrows

 Arrows will help you a lot in killing the pillagers. These arrows are mighty, and you can use them to kill the pillagers from a long distance. However, if you wanted the shot from a long-range, then you have to stand up on a high platform which will help you in getting a good range and a shot at the same time. You can also upgrade the power of the arrows at different levels, and you should definitely do this thing.

  • Collect armor

Armor also has an essential role in this thing. This is because these armors are powerful, and they will be beneficial in killing the pillagers in one shot. These are different than the arrows. It includes swords, axes, etc. You have to upgrade your weapons as they will help you in the smooth killing of the pillagers.

  • Traps

For making the kill easier for you, you can use traps. Trapping the pillagers at someplace and killing them will make it easy for you to beat all of them. There are different things through which you can build up these traps. You can build a watchtower that will be of good height and also helps you in getting a good angle at the mobs. You can make blocks of Magna which will kill the pillagers once they walk into it. A high wall can also be helpful for you. Like this, there are several things that can be practiced by you to defeat the pillagers.

The above-mentioned tips are vital for all Minecraft players, and they should definitely have a look at them. The tips discussed above are, A huge number of arrows, Collect armor, and Traps.


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